Boat Models

Coulam 16 Wheelyboat


• RCD category C waters

• 3 people max

• 4.9m long

• 1.8m wide

• External boarding ramp 1m


The Trust and J M Coulam Boatbuilders have designed and developed the Coulam 16 Wheelyboat, a purpose-built wheelchair accessible fishing boat. It has been developed from the successful Coulam 15 Wheelyboat model launched in 2006 which is specifically aimed at disabled anglers fishing large rivers, like the Tweed.


The Coulam 16 Wheelyboat has been designed primarily for big stillwater fisheries but will also be suitable for large rivers where engine power is the norm. It is based on Jim Coulam's standard 16' reservoir fishing boat and is considerably larger than the ‘15’, easily accommodating two wheelchair users and a companion/boatman. The wide open deck is accessible throughout and disabled anglers can helm the boat if they wish.


Like the Coulam 15 Wheelyboat, boarding is via a ramp from bank or pontoon onto a hydraulic platform that lowers the angler to deck level. Removable handrails around the platform help keep the angler secure while boarding or disembarking, a procedure which requires the assistance of just one able-bodied helper. The boat's 6' beam provides a very safe and stable platform but wheelchair strapping points are provided for rougher conditions.


The design of standard Wheelyboats (Mks I, II and III) has always been a compromise between performance and accessibility, with accessibility taking precedence.  They differ in differ in size and shape to the rest of the boats in a fishery’s fleet and as a consequence disabled anglers can feel conspicuous and at a disadvantage when using them.  The Coulam 16 Wheelyboat has a huge advantage over other Wheelyboat models used for fishing in that it looks and performs like all the other boats in the fishery's fleet.


The Coulam 16 Wheelyboat retains 100% of the performance of a purpose-built angling boat. So, not only does the Coulam 16 Wheelyboat fit in perfectly with the fishery's other boats, it can be used by anyone, disabled or not, thus appealing to fisheries as a genuinely dual-purpose craft.


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